The Poisoned Nereid

A ship approaches from the horizon. A trade ship is hoping they can borrow supplies, as theirs got lost in the storm. They turn towards the ship and begin sailing in their direction. The unknown ship turns towards them as well, but as it approaches, the hopeful faces of the traders fall. They’ve unwittingly steered into the path of The Poisoned Nereid, and it would be the last navigation mistake that they would ever make.

The poisoned Nereid is a large ship that has earned a reputation for itself as one of the oldest ships still sailing the seas. Captained and crewed almost exclusively by elves, the ship’s crew knows exactly what they’re doing, as many have been doing it for centuries. However, its age is not the main reason that sea-side towns know its name. The Poisoned Nereid is a ship of ruthless pirates who have a penchant for plundering. A few towns let the ship come into port in exchange for their safety, however those who have nothing to offer the ship will not be given that same luxury.

Myrin Isvaar is one of the most recent captains of the ship. He led the ship well since he was 354, however he was only captain for 212 years before he was slain in a fight against one of The Poisoned Nereid’s rival ships, The Ocean’s Maim. Knowing that his crew was losing, he bid his first mate to approach him, and gave to her a medallion that captains of the Nereid had past down for centuries. She took it with the slightest of tears welling and bid him farewell and luck in the afterlife. As the newly appointed captain, she immediately called for a retreat, and she and her crew escaped with a large number of deaths and damage to the ship.

The Poisoned Nereid was in good hands, however, and was now captained by Audellia Noyade, a wood elf who had climbed the ranks from simple swabbie. She used the ship’s influence to bully repairs from those who could, and recruited ruffians who seemed to wield the most potential. Soon, she had the ship back on its feet, and led the ship to glory and wealth for a short 75 years, until a mutiny came from the one place she never expected: Her first mate.

Despite their long standing friendship since their grunt days, Ilrune Lyaris had become jealous of Audellia’s position, and took to biding his time until he could make his move. One night when the ship was in port, he tricked Audellia to come with him to the docks under the illusion that he had heard of a mutiny being planned. She was completely trusting in him, however her faith proved to be misplaced as he had poisoned her drink. He tied her limp body and added a rock for good measure before shoving her into the water and watching her sink, knowing the area was infested with sea creatures and feeling assured that she would drown or be eaten. Ilrune lied to the crew and told them Audellia had been apprehended by town police and was set for execution. Believing in him as well, they shoved off, mournful of the loss of their captain but not wanting to be jailed themselves. Ilrune was never meant to captain The Poisoned Nereid, and his actions would come back to haunt him. Karma has a way of doing that.

Audellia has a way of doing that.

The Poisoned Nereid

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