The Burgeoning Army of Good

Darkness Rising

Seven Adventurers, all in the cesspool of a city, Azamar, would all come together for a quest most devious. Though they didn’t know it at the time, each of them would be forced to work together. The means of this, a letter, coated in dark dust, from a mysterious benefactor. The seven adventurers were: Barakas, a tiefling monk; Chvorrik, a half-orc fighter; Naille, a half-elven sorceress; Nemmonis Jheri, a dragonborn paladin; Vetharis, a high elven cleric; and Balazar, a dragonborn barbarian. Each of them were specifically deemed to be evil enough to undertake the quest. After going through various duties in Azamar, each person opened their letters, which instructed them to go to a shack outside of the city walls.

As night began to fall, the six adventurers did as instructed, and went to the shack. Once they came into contact, all of them sized each other up. Most of them questioned why Naille, a mere child happened to be here, but Naille told them that she was meant to be here. Chvorrik and Balazar appeared to be focused on each other in particular, likely trying to show that they were the stronger of the two. Once night arrived, the shack appeared from thin air. The party quickly went inside, only to find that it was empty. In the shack was a table, with what looked like a blank map laying on top of it. After some fooling around with the letters, the party eventually figured out that placing the letters on the map made it show something. The map was no longer blank, and now had a location marked, what looked like a grove. Then, an illusion appeared, showing what looked like an army mobilizing. Afterwards, another location was marked, in a nearby town.This was where the party was meant to go.


Deciding to waste no time, Chvorrik, Naille, Barakas, and Vetharis went straight outside, while Jheri and Balazar began to argue over who should keep the map. As they had only just met, the two of them could have killed each other, and others would have kept moving. Realizing that they were being left behind, both Dragonborn put some pep in their step, but not before Balthazar received a strong kick for trying to grab the tail of Jheri’s horse. With the adventure now starting, the party tried to make small talk with each other, but before they could discuss anything in particular, they heard noises on the wind.“Clinck, Clinck.” the noises repeated. After mere moments, several cloaked figures emerged from the shadows. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that they had strayed into the Territory of a gang of Kenku, and now they were surrounded. Naille’s first reaction was diplomacy, but the kenku leader went straight to Chvorrik, thinking that because he was the most physically impressive, he was clearly the leader of the group. He tried asking what they wanted, but the leader held out his hand, and made the same noise. They wanted gold, and everyone was broke. This situation would clearly end in violence. Chvorrik took the first strike, managing to get a good hit on the leader, before the rest drew their weapons. The party’s first battle had begun, and their teamwork would be put to the test.

This first fight went by rather smoothly. Though none of the party worked together, the opponents were still only kenku. It was only a matter of time before they were slain, and the party was free to proceed.

They didn’t know it at the time, but the fight with the kenku showed just how little they worked together. If this mission, whatever it entailed, was to succeed, the party needed to find a common cause. As it were now, each of them thought that they were in charge, didn’t need the others, and as such, subtly tried to assert themselves as leaders of the group. Based upon this sort of comepetition, it seemed that conflict would arise between Jheri, Chvorrik, and Barakas over who would lead the group. Time would tell how this would play out.

After a confrontation with a party of Aarakocra, followed by a narrowly avoided fight with several well armed adventurers, the party soon found themselves at another shack, this one not concealed by some spell. Once they went inside, and repeated the process, they received another message. This one showed a more explicit illusion. This time, the illusions showed the army of good creatures, much larger than what the previous illusion had showed, rampaging across the lands, slaying anything considered evil. Then, another image appeared on the map, marking the location of another meadow. Afterwards, Chovorrik found a letter, most likely from their employer. The letter came with instructions that said that the army of good creatures was not as big as the illusion pictured. Though they could not truly stop it, the party was expected to slow its growth down, by any means necessary. Then they were to travel to the encampment to await further instructions. If anyone wanted to back out, this would be the time to do so.

As the party headed towards a small town, they found themselves travelling nearby a forest. It seemed oddly quiet. The type of silence that would make an adventurer on edge. This would prove to be the case, when suddenly, a female drow ran through the bushes and straight into Naille. After seeing that she was bound and gagged, Naille decided not to try and kill her. Jheri took an immediate liking to her, and tried to cut her free. But before anybody could do so, A group of Bandits emerged from the shadows. Each of them had their weapons trained on the party, the last mistake these lowly thugs would make. After making short work of the brigands, the party journeyed forward a bit more. The drow Introduced herself as Thia, and apparently she had also received a note telling her of this quest. Since she was the seventh person, this task force was now fully assembled.


After half a day, the group made it to the clearing. It was there that Balazar found a box with a note attached to it. The group surmised that this was the work of their employer, and Chvorrik took the note from Balazar and read it. Based on what the note said, the party’s benefactor had several potions of Alignment stored within the crate. This would get the party access into the camp. From there, the mission was to find out anything they could about the plans of the army, and if possible, disrupt them. As the party was tired, they decided to set up camp nearby, sleep through the night, and then proceed with the plan in the morning.

The next day, everyone awoke to find that there were now more forces within the encampment. Now was the time to act. However, most of the party would stick out like a sore thumb in this camp. Thia, a drow would be questioned on the basis of race alone, as would Chvorrik and Barakas. Jheri was too unpredictable to be truly reliable,and for that reason, it was decided that Balazar, Naille, and Vetharis would be the ones to infiltrate the camp.

Before heading to the camp all of them decided to enter seperately. Naille and Balazar would head right through the front gate, Balazar with soldiers, and Naille by herself. Meanwhile Vetharis would find another way in. WIth their plans in motion, each of them drank the potions, while the others stayed at their own camp. As Naille, Vetharis and Balazar drank the potions, they still retained their sense of direction. They knew their task, but any ill will or malice they felt was gone, albeit only for a few hours. They retained little to no memory of the past twenty four hours, but they knew that they were supposed to get into the encampment. As they split from their companions, the mission had begun.


The Next Step

The adventurers all managed to converge in Azamar and reunite. At some point, they receive orders to kill an eladrin paladin in Polari.

They take a short-cut through the Underdark to Akdell. Naille and Barakas meet Orobas, a potential ally.

First Target

The party meets with the contact again, who gives them specifics. Vetharis spots his nemesis.

The party goes to Sintir’s workshop and murders the paladin and his guard, retrieving a Book of Pretty Nice Deeds.

However, they go their separate ways. Teamwork is hard!

The Burgeoning Army of Good

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