Orobus Ascendancy

Former Lord of Akdell - Deceased


The head of the Noble family, Lord Orobas Ascendancy is a figure of discipline. He does not tolerate disobedience within his household, and is very pleased that his five children follow the rules. Red-skinned, black-haired, and golden-eyed, Lord Orobas at his height of 6’2’’ (excluding his horns) serves as an intimidating figure. He feels he is superior to most people and speaks with open disdain towards those he does not care for. This distaste is towards those who are lower in class, are not a Tiefling, or who caused trouble and got themselves disowned from their family.


Orobas, as the Lord of Akdell, wants the best for his city. Probably. Mostly for himself. So when the Army of Darkness went through Akdell, and a small child named Naille approached him and gave him a beautifully fraudulent idea to increase his fortune, he took her up on that idea. Naille was unaware of the trouble that would cause the Saviors of Sura Natalis, and likely would not care even if she did.

Orobas, using Naille’s idea, had sent Vaginas out to Polari to find a group of adventurers to hire for a delivery job to the city of Parindon. What the group of travelers did not know was that Orobas put absolutely nothing in the box and was planning on collecting handsomely on the insurance once the adventurers were out of the way. The party survived and on Lord Mumed of Parindon’s word, returned to Akdell to handle Orobas and his fraudulent ways. Orobas had been planning on an all-out war with Parindon, to relocate the “Tiefling Capital” as he liked to call it. The adventurers fought him, and it was revealed that he was a Warlock who had a pact with a Fiend to grant him a wish upon his own sacrifice. Losing badly to the sellswords, he made good on his wish, bringing a myriad of elemental distress upon Akdell Manor in an attempt to end the lives of the group. Said with a smile as he caught flame, his last words were “I hope you all burn,” .

Orobus Ascendancy

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