Naille Moonflower

A half-elf child with interesting lineage


Naille is a young half-elf girl that has been seen as a child prodigy by most. At a mere 4’4", most adults usually don’ t take her seriously. She is fine with this, as she would much prefer to be more covert with her activities. Due to her short haircut and soft features, she is often mistaken for a young boy, which gets her more perks than not. Along with her appearance, she has been known to exhibit an attraction to other women, which accidentally helps mask the fact that she is herself female. Still a child by both elvish and human terms, Naille is a rarity, in that she adventures at such a tender age. Despite being only eleven years old, Naille has proven herself to be an invaluable member of the Circle of Iron Flames, a wealthy guild that caters to cooks and bakers. Despite being outwardly benign, the guild leadership is very corrupt, and has been known to dabble its hands into assassination plots. Naille, having been raised her entire life so far among the guild, is developing into quite the people person. As a child, Naille is not very strong physically, and as a girl frequently mistaken for a boy, to the untrained eye, she is seen as weak for a boy and therefore harmless (Str=8). However, her lack of physical strength is offset by her trump card, her draconic heritage. Because she is the descendant of a powerful red dragon, long dead, Naille has inherited resilience beyond most normal mortals (Con=14). Due to her young age, and elvish heritage, she has very quick reflexes, and when the time comes, she can act before most can process what is going on (Dex=15). Whether due her draconic heritage or her fea ancestry, she is smart enough to wield magic, but unlike wizards, who study for years to do so, Naille has a natural talent for the arcane. Because of the complexities of magic, and her position within her guild, Naille has so far proven to be smarter than the average person, but not quite smart enough to be considered a genius (Int=12). Due to her age, Naille doesn’t have much experience in the world, beyond doing the tasks the guild required of her. Because she is still so young, Naille doesn’t have much practical knowledge of the world, only what she has learned through her elders (Wis=10). Where Naille shines is when interacting with others. Naturally charismatic, Naille has learned from the guild how to truly get what she wants. She knows what makes people tick, and how to trigger a reaction. Naille is naturally a people person, and already shows the signs of one day becoming a very powerful diplomat. Her magnetic personality is coupled with large amounts of willpower, and her magic seems to feed off of her willpower (Cha=19). The life of an adventurer is rife with conflict, and when someone decides to strike Naille, they will find that she not as defenseless as a child may seem. Because of her ancestry, she has small red scales across various points of her body, which act as a kind of armor, protecting her from any weak attack (AC=15).


Early Life

Naille’s father is Aelar Moonflower, a human raised among elves, member of the Zhentarim, and the current Guildmaster of the Circle of Iron Flames. His specialty within the Circle was cooking rare meats, which earned him the attraction of a sun elf noblewoman from the city of Azamar, Lady Ourobora . After a passionate tryst, followed by months of casual sex between the two, Naille was born. In an effort to save face among political rivals, Lady Ourobora pulled some strings and called in some favors, and as a result, she was able to claim that Naille was not her daughter. Though evil, Ourobora was not cruel enough to kill her own flesh and blood, and so, she merely visited Aelar one final time, and dumped an infant Naille on him. Aelar decided that his daughter should not be raised in Azamar, and instead took his daughter to the City of Parindan, where a very large charter of the Circle of Iron Flames was located. Aelar was determined to see Naille become a prominent member of the Guild one day, so as soon as she could walk, Aelar would teach her how to prepare foods. He was not alone in this. The other artisans looked after Naille like one of their own, and they also passed their knowledge onto the child. Naille surprisingly picked up their teachings, relatively quickly. But, it wasn’t her fast learning that would lead to her becoming such an asset to the guild. The circle of Iron Flames has always had rivalries with numerous other guilds, the most fearsome rivalvry being with a guild of brewers, known as The Order of the Cold Mug. This particular rivalry turned to a bitter hatred, and tensions between the two guilds turned into open hostility. Both guilds frequently sent their own members, as well as hired adventurers to sabotage the other guild, often times by openly hunting and killing guild members, under the pretense of executing criminals. These tactics even extended to a nice place like Parindan. It was during one particular attack that a young Naille would discover that she wielded a fearsome power.

Draconic Heritage and War with the Brewer’s Guild
On a particularly quiet day, the outpost of the Circle was suddenly burst into by a group of nine adventurers. As they kicked the door down, their leader, a male human ranger, openly declared that he and his party had been hired by the Order of the Cold Mug, to slaughter every single member of Naille’s guild. The fearsome adventurers made their way effortlessly into the guild halls, meeting virtually no resistance as they cut through anybody unfortunate enough to be in the way. Aelar thought quickly, and rallied the members that could defend themselves further into the stronghold. But, in doing so, the thought of Naille completely slipped his mind. He assumed that she’d be hiding somewhere, when in fact, Naille was spotted, just as the adventurers came through the door. A particularly bloodthirsty tiefling fighter, quickly saw his chance to draw blood, and chased Naille down the- hallways. She was able to use her small size to evade him for the most part, but eventually she hit a dead end. As the fighter closed in on her, he drew two shortswords. Naille had never had a weapon drawn on her, and as a result, she was frozen in fear as he nonchalantly stepped closer. The tiefling taunted her by saying he would defile her corpse, in most vulgar ways, and at that point, Naille’s survival instinct kicked in. As she held her hands in front of her, in a the vain hope of somehow stopping the blade, a jet of fire burst from her hands, and directly at the male tiefling. While tieflings normally handle fire pretty well, it was as if the gods were on Naille’s side. The fire went straight into his eyes, which stunned and hurt him long enough for him to drop one of his swords. Taking the opprotunity, Naille aimed her palm at him, hoping to replicate the fire blast that had just happened. Instead, she noticed small bolts of lightning travelling through her fingers. She instinctively ran towards him, and then managed to touch a piece of his chainmail, which then conducted the electricity, and stopped his heart. For good measure, Naille managed to pick up his sword, and drop the tip of it on his throat. With her pursuer dead, and eight warriors still attacking the guild outpost, Naille took a moment to recollect what just happened. She took the life of her would be killer. More importantly, she just used magic. That was something only the guild wizards could do, and it took years of academic study to learn how to wield magic.

With her newfound ability to harness magic, Naille decided that she could help overcome the enemy. But before she could even move, her father suddenly burst through the wall. Aelar inspected his daughter up and down, then looked at the tiefling. Happy that she was unharmed, he then examined the tiefling more closely. He noticed the sword in the man’s throat, along with several burns and singes. He concluded that somehow, Naille had killed this man. When he asked her, she told him that she could wield magic. very surprised, Aelar informed her that the adventurers had been pushed back, and that the next day, she was to report to the guild leader, in order to verify her claims of magic use. This was big. Were Naille’s claims to be found true, she would quickly rise among the Circle’s ranks. The Guild was in heavy need of spellcasters, and it was likely she would receive perks for being able to use it, and at such a tender age. However, Aelar kept his feelings to himself. He wanted his daughter to prosper within the guild, but if she could wield magic, then there was a chance she could eventually turn into her mother.He considered himself evil, in the sense of being cutthroat when it came to business, but Naille’s mother was known to be excessively cruel to those that crossed her, even for petty things.

Once Naille went to the guild elders and proved that she could in fact, wield magic, her life would take an upward turn. In addition to being trained by senior spellcasters, Naille recieved tutors from among the guild’s ranks. These tutors would teach her many things about the world, from several languages, to basic diplomacy, they would make sure that any guild mage would double as a face of the Circle of Iron Flames. Aelar sat back and watched proudly as Naille was groomed to become a diplomat. To him, the fact that she was half-elf would make her an even better representative someday. She might even marry into nobility someday, even though she was robbed of her rightful place among society’s elite by her mother. Aelar would not let his grudge against his ex-lover consume him, nor would he tell Naille about her mother. It was best for Naille to grow up not knowing she was supposed to be of noble lineage.

Lady Ourobora
As a young representative of the Circle, it was imperative that Naille be good with swaying people to her side. To this end, the guild would test her, on the eve of her ninth birthday. This involved sending Naille to help settle a dispute between two rival guilds, both allied to the Circle of Iron Flames. Said mission would also send Naille to the corrupt city of Azamar for the first time, and unknowingly right into an audience with her mother. To Naille’s knowledge, she was supposed to meet with one of Azamar’s lesser nobles, in the hopes of securing employment for Iron Flame chefs for a feast. For Ourobora, this meeting would allow her to gain potential allies, as she had plans to rise through Azamar’s upper class, and eventually planning to usurp rule from the current Lord of Azamar. However,when Naille arrived, Ourobora was instantly stunned. Not only was the envoy a child, but the child was clearly half-elf, and very strongly resembled Aelar. But, the half-elf had Ourobora’s eyes, and she knew that Naille was the daughter she gave up eight years ago. Upon seeing her long lost child, she was overcome with mixed feelings of disgust and joy. On one hand, Naille was a reminder of her current position as a lesser noble, and of a life she could not have with Aelar. On the other, she was her own flesh and blood, alive and well. Naille was clueless as to why this noblewoman seemedto be constantly staring at her with mixed signals, but this meeting would bring Ourobora back into contact with the Circle of Iron Flames, as a potential business partner. Though Ourobora was initially hostile towards Naille, her mission would foster a healthy relationship between some of Azamar’s elite, and The CIrcle.

Evil Legacy
As Naille rose to prominence within the guild, and her dealings with Lady Ourobora of Azamar continued, her thinking began to change. In dealing with Ourobora, she also noticed that they were similar in some aspects. Like herself, Ourobora was gifted in magic, and Naille also managed to catch glimpses of red scales along Ourobora’s forearms, the same shade of red as the scales appearing on her neck and other parts of her body. One day, While Ourobora was visiting Parindan, Naille pulled her aside and asked about the scales. It was then that Ourobora told her that those scales were her mark as a sorcerer. More specifically, sorcerers with scales along their bodies are said to be descended from Dragons. After learning of this,Naille’s psyche began to change. She became less like a typical child,and began acting more like Ourabora, as if the child knew she was destined for greatness. This change wasn’t set in stone, until Naille did some digging, and with the help of Ourabora, was able to find out her exact ancestor. As it turned out, both mother and daughter were descended from an ancient red dragon, named Ixumaugh, The Great Cremator. Ixumaugh lived thousands of years ago, and ruled his domain and neighboring areas for much of his life. He was slain by a coalition of the world’s greatest heroes of the time, but before he was killed, he had a subordinate polymorph him into the form of an elf and ensure that his bloodline would endure, even if all of his mate’s eggs were destroyed. From here on out, Naille began a gradual spiral towards evil. A combination of her rising status within the guild, and her exposure to politicians would turn Naille into a manipulator, a future politician in her own right. And her rising through the guild’s ranks would also benefit her father.

Guildmaster Aelar, Azamar, and the Mysterious Letter
As Naille’s influence within the guild grew, in large part thanks to her father, the Moonflowers both found themselves in constant watch from allies and enemies. One particular enemy, the Guildmaster, Zerrick Farstrider, a young and charismatic nobleman, with a particular disdain for Aelar and Lord Memed. He hated Aelar for his rising success, and Memed because no matter how wealthy the Circle became, they would always answer to him. Zerrick was not good at hiding conspiracy, nor was he a particularly efficient leader, so, when a plot to kill Aelar failed, Naille decided to get rid of him. With Aelar’s blessing, Naille snuck into Zerrick’s quarters, stole his famed dagger, and hired petty thugs to kill Memed, by means of a written note, all while forging Zerrick’s signature. The men were instructed to stab Memed with Zerrick’s knife,as proof of his demise. Of course, with the skill of these men, there was no way they could succeed. Once the plan was in motion, Memed himself was able to slay the attackers,and in the confusion, he found Zerrick’s dagger, evidence to arrest and possibly execute the now former guildmaster.

With Zerrick dealt with, Aelar was free to shape the Circle as he saw fit. One of his first acts as new Guildmaster, was to open the Circle’s central restaurant, The Dragon’s Fire, to anybody that had enough coin to purchase seating, rather than keep the noble only restrictions of the past. This move would bring more money to the guild. Secondly, Aelar was also free to pursue more shady dealings. If Memed ever caught wind of anything, Aelar felt confident that he could talk his way back into the Lord’s good graces. Memed was the best lord for Parindon, as he was quite patient and forgiving. For that reason, Aelar would never think of trying to kill him, should he become disagreeable. But, Aelar’s newfound success would not go unnoticed. The Order of the Iron Mug took notice of Aelar’s rise, and sent one of its members to the Dragon’s Fire, in order to see if the New Guildmaster of the Circle could be bullied. Once there, the Order member suffered an unfortunate accident, and suffucated on some of the food prepared for them. What was an actual accident looked like a murder. The Order would certainly believe that Aelar had that meal poisoned, and a murder would be very bad for business. With no other choice, Aelar decided to make peace with the Order. As the Order’s main hub was located in Azamar, he would have to send somebody that had already been there. He would have gone himself, were he not the guildmaster. This meant that Naille was the only other option. Should the Order try to harm her, Aelar was sure that Ourabora would protect her. The very next day, Naille left Parindon for the Wretched City of Azamar.

But for Naille,the Order of the Cold Mug would be a mere afterthought. Little did she know, fate had other plans for her in Azamar. A mysterious person had sought Naille and six other people out, for some kind of task. Not wanting to reveal itself, it merely wrote letters, addressed to each person specifically, and would make sure that once they got into Azamar, The letter would find them. Should those letters have been found by anyone else, a nasty surprise of darkdust would befall them. As Naille arrived in Azamar, intending to speak with The Order of the Cold Mug, the letter fell against her forehead. Surprised that it was written for her specifically, she did not hesitate to open it….the Adventure had begun.

Naille Moonflower

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