Audellia Noyade

A pirate captain with a deadly secret


5’11’’ inches of tall, lean, and toned beauty, Audellia is not someone to be trifled with. A tanned complexion and sun-bleached hair tell you that she was a sailor. Her filthy mouth and her drinking habit tell you that she was a good sailor. Her cut-throat attitude, love of loot, and penchant for killing people who get in her way? Well. That tells you she was a different kind of sailor. The worst, or the best, kind of them all. Audellia was not only a pirate, but captained the ship The Poisoned Nereid.

Audellia has never seen the point in keeping too many weapons about her. In her line of work, weapons get stolen relatively often, especially if they’re GOOD weapons. Rather than following the usual pattern of fighting with swords as most pirates do, Audellia has chosen to get a little more up close & personal with her opponents. Well versed in martial arts, Audellia gets hand-to-hand (and much to her opponent’s dismay, often foot-to-face) when she decides to fight. She may not be able to hold you down (Str +0), but she can certainly get out of the way and in your space within a few seconds (Dex +3). As she entered the life of pirate at a relatively early age (for an elf), she hasn’t had any more education than the average woman (Int +0), however she’s lived awhile and through many rough times, so she’s earned a knowledge of how the world works (Wis +3). She can hold her own (Con +1) against the best of them, and as a captain has a decent way about her to get other people to get things done (Char +1).


Rebellious Teen Years

Audellia began the life of a pirate at the young age of 73. By elven standards, she could barely be considered an adult, but she quickly fell in love with the lifestyle. She joined the crew of The Poisoned Nereid, and dealt with the grunt work for a long time. The ship had mostly elves, however a few humans joined and left the crew periodically. Because of this, humans rarely lasted long enough to climb the ranks of the elves who would outlive them. As Audellia joined at an early age, she could simply bide her time. Eventually, after around 65 years, she had climbed the ranks enough to be the first mate. Another 30 years passed before her captain was slain in a fight with a rival ship. As he was dying, he passed to Audellia a medallion that had been carried by Poisoned Nereid captains for centuries. She took it woefully and wished him the best in his afterlife before she and her crew retreated from the confrontation.

Under New Management
Audellia led her crew to the best of her ability, and despite only spending 95 years on the ship, she led it incredibly well. She led the Poisoned Nereid to glory amongst pirates, and gained quite a Bad Reputation for herself within cities. She reveled in the raids, the gore, the pillaging and the looting, growing such a passion for it one could say she developed a certain degree of Bloodlust. Her ship became incredibly wealthy, as did she. She had full faith in her first mate, a high elf by the name of Ilrune Lyaris, who had been a friend to her since her swabbie days. She confided in him about decisions that would affect the ship, and trusted him to keep a watchful eye on the crew if she ever had to slip away while in a port city.

And for awhile, Ilrune was alright with things. But only for awhile. He soon became resentful of Audellia’s position as captain. He had joined the ship only a few short decades after her, and felt that he deserved the rank of captain more than Audellia. He could not stand taking orders from his former friend, and it exceptionally riled him that he had to take orders from a woman. He began biding his time. Audellia ruled The Poisoned Nereid for only 57 years before Ilrune made a move. One night while the ship was docked and the crew was enjoying a night in the taverns, he told Audellia he needed to speak with her. He grabbed two mugs of mead and asked her to follow him outside so that they could talk away from the crew. Fully trusting in her first mate, Audellia agreed and met with him near the docks. Ilrune offered her a mug and she took it, asking him what was wrong. He began a story about how he believed there was a mutiny being planned among some of the lower ranking crew. Before Audellia could begin to question who, she began to feel light headed. Fuzzy. And then things grew very dark very quickly.

Ilrune had poisoned her drink.

Ilrune then tied Audellia with rope, and, after tying a large rock to her as well, pushed her limp body off of the docks and watched her sink, bidding her a last farewell with a smug grin. He knew that this area was infested with sea creatures, and was assured that after she drowned she would be eaten, leaving no body for the authorities. He told the crew that she had been apprehended by the police and was set for execution, and that they needed to shove off immediately. The crew was mournful of their loss of Audellia, a captain who they had grown to be fond of, because though she only ruled for only a few short decades, she brought the ship much glory. They were not, however, fond of the idea of being executed alongside her, and followed Ilrune back to the ship swiftly.

It was never meant to be his, but The Poisoned Nereid was now under Ilrune’s control, and he would rule it until the day that he died. His actions would soon come back to haunt him. You could say that karma has a way of doing that.

But Audellia has a way of doing that, too.

From the Depths

Ilrune’s plan was almost perfect. He drugged her, her bound her, he weighted her, and he pushed her off the dock. He even made sure it was a port that was known for sea creatures. He did not, however, check to see what creatures they were:

they were Sirens.

As Audellia sank, she had an incredible stroke of luck that she would become incredibly thankful for. Drifting down onto the seabed, and quickly drowning, she caught the attention of a school of sirens. Perhaps it was Audellia’s devotion to Zeboim, though more likely it was that they had already eaten, but rather than feasting on her one of them drug Audellia to shore a good ways down the coastline from the town. She pulled the incapacitated captain onto the bank where she injected her venom into Audellia’s body. The siren had saved Audellia’s life, but at a price: Audellia now carried the curse of being an afflicted Siren.

Audellia was just barely beginning to wake when the siren slithered away. She did not have long before a burning pain ripped through her. Her next memory was that she awoke covered in blood next to the carcass of some drunkard. Dazed and confused, she followed the coastline until she wandered into the nearest town where she realized much of her personal money was still on her ship. She stayed in a cheap inn for the day, resting and trying to get her wits about her. Her first mate had betrayed her, had poisoned her and left her to die. What about that creature? What about that body? She had of course killed quite a few people in her line of work, but that body was mangled and bloodied. Did she do that?

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Audellia Noyade

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