Vetharis Cruel-eye

A high elf cleric fascinated by both life and death


Vetharis is 250 years old, has a height of 5’5’’, a weight of 125 lbs, pale skin, black hair, and green eyes. He has a small, stunted build as a result of growing up in poverty. The right side of his face is heavily scarred, and the eye is too damaged to see out of. He can speak Elvish and Infernal in addition to Common, but he cannot read or write in any language.

Vetharis is not interested in getting into fights himself (Str 10), but that doesn’t mean he’s out of shape. He is very flexible (Dex 16), and his tendency to live among filth has caused him to build up a fairly resistant immune system (Con 12). While he has had no formal schooling, Vetharis has an insatiable desire to learn (Int 14). His life of relative solitude has granted him experience beyond his years (Wis 15), but left him with sub-par people skills (Chr 8). Vetharis’ area of interest is the study of how magic affects living, dead, and undead creatures, making him quite knowledgeable in medicine (+ 4) and arcana (+ 4). Looking out for himself has forced him to learn stealth (+ 6) and sleight of hand (+ 6) in order to keep himself alive.

Vetharis prefers to keep his distance, so a longbow is his primary weapon, along with numerous hidden daggers. When that isn’t an option, he wears leather armor (AC 15), and wields a rapier with a decent amount of skill. His favorites are a pair of sickles, which he saves for “special occasions.” However, Vetharis is at his best when he casts deadly necromancy spells.


Early Life

Vetharis was born and raised in a dark, cruel city called Azamar, a place inhabited entirely by criminals. His parents were hedge mages that made their living performing tricks for travellers’ entertainment, along with the occasional scam or robbing. They lived in abject poverty, but they were a happy family. Vetharis didn’t share his parents’ talent for magic, but he was so bright that he easily grasped the art of spellcasting itself.

On the worst day of Vetharis’ life, a resentful victim of one of his parents’ scams broke into their hovel and murdered them while Vetharis hid in their secret cellar. He prayed desperately to no god in particular, until he was answered by Chemosh, god of undead. The god offered to help the grieving boy bring his family back, in exchange for future payment, which Vetharis agreed to without hesitation or question. Chemosh whispered to him directions for a spell that would raise his parents from the dead, and alone and even poorer than before, Vetharis spent weeks stealing money for spell components, spending barely anything for his own survival. After months of preparation he finally had what he needed, and with Chemosh’s divine assistance, Vetharis successfully cast a spell that brought his parents back as undead, which was good enough for him.

Pre-adventuring Life

Vetharis’ hobby of toying with the nature of undead has caused him to be shunned by polite society, so he wanders the continent as a pariah, taking shelter in places most people wish to avoid. He prefers it this way, to be left alone by the living with only his pet zombies for company, and speaking only to Chemosh. He steals whatever he wants either through stealth or brute force of his zombie minions.

On the second worst day of his life, Vetharis saw his parents killed once again, for good. While on his annual summer trip to the north, a drow cleric destroyed many of his pets, which was a fairly common occurrence. However, she also destroyed the only things he truly cared about- his undead parents, who never hurt anyone. He flew into a rage and nearly killed her, but the drow hit him on the right side of his face with a mace, disfiguring and nearly killing him. While Vetharis’ body remained intact, his heart was crushed. He wandered aimlessly for months, until he returned to Azamar for the first time in decades.

The Burgeoning Army

While wandering the sewers of Azamar, Vetharis received his invitation into the Army of Evil. He decided to accept it despite being habitually antisocial, since he’d had no direction since losing his parents, and consequently his faith in Chemosh. The six other recruits he met in the secret cabin were the first people he had ever successfully interacted with, giving him a new purpose in life.

When the party’s orders led them north to Polari, Vetharis became determined to finish things with his Life Domain nemesis. He spotted her in the local tavern after the group met with their contact. She was well-known in the town as an adventurer named Visenya. Vetharis’ rarely seen cunning kicked in, and he stealthily followed Visneya home instead of attacking her immediately. He infiltrated the house while she tranced, easily able to sneak up on her and pin her down. Vetharis decided that death was too easy for her, especially for a cleric. He used a hold spell to keep her still and a silence spell to keep her quiet while he wielded his sickle to mutilate her face, taking special care to damage her left eye. Once he was done, Vetharis knocked her unconscious, and as he was leaving, a magical item caught his eye: a Rod of Resurrection. He recognized this as an extremely rare and valuable item, so he took it for himself in order to add insult to injury. While working in the Army of Evil was a fine enough goal for Vetharis, he resolved to make Visenya’s life a living hell, just as she did to him, and plans delay her release by death for as long as possible.

Vetharis Cruel-eye

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