Tiefling Monk Lawful Evil


What is good? What is evil? Both are terms in which perspective dictates the interpretation. The monastery however told me that there was a clear line that defines good and evil. The good, give all they can to the less fortunate and would give their life for a greater cause. The evil however, will put themselves before anyone else, doing whatever needs to be done to survive. I trusted their words with no question. My thinking was flawed.

“Tieflings are the embodiment of evil. Dedicate your body and soul to this Monastery, and you may be forgiven of your untold sins.” It made sense to me at the time. But what they put me through was not forgiveness! It was not love and compassion but instead hatred. Every day, I was tortured, cut, burned, stretched until one day I could not recognize myself. I awoke one morning to find one of the monks staring over me.

“Brother Barakas, the time has come for the ultimate sacrifice to be made.” I struggled to speak, still feeling the pain of yesterday “Ultimate….sacrifice?” He lead me into a corridor with windows allowing the sunlight to ensnare every inch of the room. In the center, lied a table with the roofs light burning onto it. “Tell me Barakas, do you know why it is why it is that we never cut our hair?” the monk said as he walked around the table. "To show the purity of our souls.

Length represents sacrifice and sacrifice we must for the greater good." The monk smiled and said “It seems you remember. Excellent. Then I assume you know what must be done for your kind in order to receive complete forgiveness?” I was confused “Has my pain not been enough?” The monk then preceded to raise his hand and I was restrained. “No”, he said in a stern voice. “What are you doing?!”

All the light in the room then began to fade besides the light on the table. They marched me to the table and strapped me down. “No! No more! I have given enough!” I screamed in fear. " The monk then spoke in a soft tone “No need to fear child. The pain will end soon. Your sacrifice of your life will end all of the sadness and hurt.” He then reached into his robe and pulled out a dagger “Be free of sin my child”

Right as he thrust the dagger into my chest, time stopped. I felt a a comforting warmth and silence, it was almost like…the dark. The sun became bathe in obsidian black and only a crescent moon remained. My eyes opened and it felt as if everything was conflicting.. I was heavy yet light, happy yet sad, embraced by dark yet drowned in light. “You, that have been scorned by the light, now reside in dark” a voice rumbled though the hall. It resembled the soft tone of a young woman. “My name is Takhsis and by my will alone have you not yet die.” I was confused. “Why do you keep me alive? I thought my life was just sinful and wrong.” I said in sorrow. “Stare onto the moon child. This warmth you feel is not of the light, but of the dark. Evil is but a term that mortals use to describe people that choose to survive rather than give.” A shadowy figure appeared and began to walk around the table.

“Tell me Barakas, why is it that you didn’t want to die” her hand trailed along my leg. “I had suffered enough. Taking my life would not grant me any type of forgiveness that is worth that price?” Her hand went from my leg to my chest. “In your soul I feel a deep seeded hatred. Tell me, do you wish to live?” “YES!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “Then let the hate be your fuel. Take control of where you life and I will grant your wish. Your faith however, shall only reside in me.”

I blinked and I had broken one of my arms free. A smile ran across my face. “Tell me monk…” I preceded to break one of his fingers. “ARRRGH!” his shout gave me satisfaction. "How would you like to die?. The monks all preceded to attack and they all fell one by one.

I picked up the dagger and cut my hair “I will sacrifice no more for this world. I’ll take what i want, when I want. And what i want, is to burn this Monastery to the ground.” So I did. In the mist of the blaze I walked toward a place where my new ideals would be welcomed and there is where I met 6 people who felt the same.


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